Saturday, July 19, 2014

Assisted Living

So I've been looking for disabled/senior housing..I was told that they can't turn me away because of my age(46) because I have a disability(mental/ptsd, depression and physical/degenerative disc disease). so here goes, and I will list some of the places I have checked out. Hopefully this will help someone out there!

Bridgeport Place Assisted Living
5250 Bridgeport Way West
University Place, WA 98467
(253) 565-1960

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Free Business Classes

Tacoma Business center is a great place to start or continue your entrepreneurship. I'm wit it! I will be signing up for the Tacoma SCORE South Sound chapter this Summer.. The South Sound Tacoma Chapter provides FREE confidential mentoring for aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.
Click on pick to get to site for more info on Tacoma Business Center at Bates Technical College!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Stop Sex Trafficking!

"On the street I saw a girl
cold and shivering in a thin
dress, with little hope of a
decent meal. I became angry
and said to God: Why did
you permit this? 'Why don't
you do something about it?'
For a while God said nothing.
That night He replied quite
suddenly: 'I certainly did
something about it.
I made you.'"
from: Sometimes God Has a Kid's Face
by: Sister Mary Rose McGeady

Take action   

United Methodist Women is dedicated to raising awareness of modern-day slavery and recruiting allies to help end it. Local United Methodist Women can help save the lives of girls like Kelsey.
  • Invite local law enforcement officials to a unit or circle meeting or event and find out what you can do to help.
  • Partner with other community groups, especially men’s groups, to spread information through literature and public events.
  • Visit United Methodist Women's human trafficking webpage for more information and resources to help.
  • Write, call or e-mail your senators to pass U.S. Senate Bill 596, The domestic Minor Sex Trafficking Deterrence and Victims Support Act. The proposed funds in SB 596 are the first dollars earmarked to put a roof over the heads of victims in America. You can call Senator John Cornyn @ (202) 224-2934 or send him an email by filling out a contact form at He also has a Facebook page:
    Senator Ron Wyden @  Phone: (202) 224-5244; contact form (email): and Facebook:
  • Check out this site to learn more on U.S Senate Bill 596:
  • I just called and put in my vote of support and was told that they should be voting on this soon. Both numbers are in working order so do what you can to make some changes. If I could help just one young lady get out of this daily hell it would be well worth it..I too was in a similar hell working in the sex industry, not knowing how to ever get back to normal. With 13 years of counseling and drug and alcohol treatment I am now able to focus on my future with my head held high, addiction free! Thanks for listening: cozynblue

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FREE 'Truth About Drugs' Kit!

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Free Truth About Drugs Information Kit for Educators

Exclusively for educators, law enforcement officers and other drug prevention specialists who teach students 11 years of age and above in classroom, group instruction or community learning settings.
Your free kit includes:
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  • The Truth About Drugs Program Guide.
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If you cannot, for any reason, honor the basic agreement to use this kit to promote drug education activites in your area—and provide documentation of usage—the Foundation for a Drug-Free World can, at the discretion of its officers, exercise the option to ask for shipping charges.

Click on Pic to check out site and order your FREE kit

Click on Pic to check out site and order your FREE kit

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(available at 

Synopsis written by Rus Ervin Funk, MSW 

This short article describes a break-down of various forms of coercion used in a variety 
of settings. Looking at a number of forms of oppression and violence, this model has real 
implications for looking at the forms of coercion used in domestic violence. 

Isolation is seen as consisting of three forms: 
ƒ Depriving an individual of social support which effectively inhibits that person’s 
ability to resist; 
ƒ Makes the individual dependent on the perpetrator; and 
ƒ Develops an intense concern with the “self” of the perpetrator(s). 

Monopolization of Perception is another tactic used and likewise consists of three forms 
or consequences: 
ƒ Fixes attention of the victim on the immediate predicament – fostering 
introspection (which inhibits one’s ability to hope, plan, or resist); 
ƒ Eliminates competing stimuli (which reinforces the omnipotence of the 
perpetrator); and 
ƒ Frustrates actions not consistent with compliance. 

Induces Debility and Exhaustion The victim becomes worn out by the levels of tension 
and fear, and by constantly attempting to “read” the perpetrator and their behavior; while 
simultaneously avoid expressing fear, sorrow or rage to avoid further consequences form 
the perpetrator. 

Occasional Indulgences which reinforce the omnipotence of the perpetrator and provides 
motivation for compliance. 

Devaluing the person through words and actions. This can result in: 
ƒ Creating fear of freedom and dependence on the perpetrator; 
ƒ Reinforcing feelings of helplessness; and 
ƒ Developing lack of faith in their own capabilities. 

These tactics and the consequences are seen commonly in forms of torture and can 
provide a framework to better understand the impact of domestic violence.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


NW Furniture Bank can help!

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More Help:

So it looks like I lost some things in our move. My son moved into his own apartment and I lost his bed. How? I don't know..Between moving our things to storage and then into my own apartment(I downsized from a two bedroom to a bachlorette's one bedroom!) His bed and two of my lamps are nowhere to be found. This morning I called St. Vincent Depaul and they referred me to St. Patrick Church and told me to call first thing in the morning between 9:30-10 a.m. to ask for a furniture assistance gift card. My son had grown out of his bed anyways, so wish me luck!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Strengthening Your Grip on Family

Inspiration: Perhaps the most taxing of all, are the years a family finds itself in and out of crisis situations. Little babies that cooed and gurgled grow up into challenging independent-thinking adolescents. The protective, sheltered environment of the home is broken into by school, new friends, alien philosophies, financial strain, illness, accidents, hard questions, constant decisions, and busy schedules...and it isn't difficult to feel the pressure mounting-especially when you add dating, new drivers in the family, leaving for college, talk of marriage, and moving out. Whew! And what does God say about these years?

He says we'll be "blessed." We'll be "happy." It will "be well" with us during these years...In the family portrayed on this scriptural canvas, "the Lord" is still central...

Even before you may be the right time for you to come to terms with the truth regarding your family. I must be honest with you, in most of the family conflicts I have dealt with involving trouble with teenagers, the problem has been more with parents who were either too liberal and permissive or too inflexible, distant, rigid (and sometimes hypocritical) than with teenagers who were unwilling to cooperate. When the modeling is as it should be, there is seldom much trouble from those who fall under the shadow of the leader. Strengthening your grip on the family may start with an unguarded appraisal of the leadership your family is expected to follow.
(From: Strengthening Your Grip by: Charles Swindoll

My nephews, nieces, and Son Johnny 2008. I know the pic says 2002 but who can set the time on them cameras?